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 Sol'Asia is a non profit organization supporting disadvantaged children and youth in South East Asia with different educational and social projects in Vietnam and Laos.


For more information and/or to send us a donation, feel free to contact us by email: 



In April 2001, a student project initiated by the current President of Sol’Asia resulted in the supply of school equipment, toys, and medicine to orphanage in Vietnam.

This short term “project”, “Smiles of Vietnam”, has motivated the 5 organizers to develop further initiatives, better structured and dedicated to achieve results in the longer term.

This is how Sol’Asia is born in October 2002.



Sol’Asia and Sol’Asia Laos are Associations ruled under the French Law on Association of Public Interest of 1901.

Their objective is to support disadvantaged children in South East Asia.

Sol’Asia Laos was born in 2014 to ease administrative procedures to access funding from other part of France, Sol’Asia being registered exclusively in the North of the Country.

Sol’Asia is nowadays managed by around 10 active members, most of them specialized around Asia’s issues, with a focus on “Mekong” Countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand).

All members are volunteers, and manage Sol’Asia activities in parallel to their professional occupation.

Our Projects in Asia

Sol’Asia implement projects essentially in Lao PDR and Vietnam in the framework of various programs:

- Scholarship for 40 students from disadvantaged families in the province of Ben Tre (Mekong Delta, Vietnam, since 2003)

- Vocational training in sewing and IT in remote areas of the Mekong Delta (Vietnam, since 2004) and in Pleiku (center Vietnam, since 2009).

- Building and renovation of schools in Lao PDR, since 2013

- Funding of a mobile library, cultural and sportive animation in countryside villages of Vientiane Province, Laos, since 2007

In parallel to those consistent interventions, we organize the collection and distribution of clothes, toys, school supply, in a sporadic way when the opportunity arise.










We will soon call for donations for Laos on our website, hoping that, depending on the money raised, we will be able to propose micro credits to the poorest village people so that they could acquire poultry and goats, and even may be a buffalo to help out in rice fields.



Marion, during her trainiship in Laos, in 2016 summer, will have for mission to make proposals as to crowdfunding. 


She will also work on organizing a football tournament as well as a pétanque one, both taking place in Vientiane.  Any profit would be credited to Sol Asia





Under Emma supervision, our counterpart, a group of students from the Toulouse Engineers School of INSA will spend 3 weeks in Ban-Chok next July aiming to renovate the local school. 

They will be self-financing their works.




Regine, from Bordeaux, collected funds, in the means of a tombola, during the Carnival celebrations organized by her daughter’s school, so that she could buy school stationary, locally, when visiting her sister in Laos.



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