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Since 2012, we are providing assistance to the first centre for autistic children in Vientiane.


The whole left over of our budget is used as follows :


-      Setting of toilets with water inlet (if there are no toilets, young girls, having their periods, stop going to school)

-      Setting of an electrical power line in a school

-      Buying of shirts for boys and girls, as well as sandals

-      Buying of sport equipment such as balls for soccer and for the traditional sport : taklo.

-      In December 2014, we provided warm clothes to 120 children of a primary school in the north of Luang Prabang.


We would like to keep on this way for the time being, concentrating on the most isolated schools in the mountains and the countryside, where every type of equipment is lacking.

Subject to obtaining further financing, in addition to the regular contribution of our supporters, the various donations, and organizations we call upon in the Loiret (where the French antenna of Solasia Laos is), we hope to be able to widen our projects for school-children in Laos.

We also plan to implement microcredits to assist countryside people in buying fowls and goats as well as water buffalos to help with the rice field work.


 With your continuous support, and with our increased number of supporters, we are looking forward to further develop sustainable and efficient programs for the young school kids in Lao PDR.


please refer to the photos coverage.


 In 2015, we created a pilot garden for organic farming in  order to motivate country people to do the same with seeds provided by us, and then sell their harvest to touristic hotels.

The first results are encouraging. 

Breeding of goats should also start gradually providing income.

 We visited Ban Chok school. 

 Very few pupils were there, as they had to be ready for their exam to the higher level taking place on the next day. 


 However those who were present enjoyed the offered collation.



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