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French activities for Laos





Books Market ExchaNGE

in Château-Renard (45, France) on Thursday, 14th July.

Awful day as it was raining, raining and raining !!! At lunch-time we packed up….

Thanks to the  hardcore team who came nevertheless ! and also lots of thanks to those who gave us books, thereby enabling to extend our books exchange.







Organized by Jeanine and Claude

Walk along the Loing river and the Briare canal in Montargis.

This year, like last year, a very friendly aperitif was shared by all participants after the walking.  Unfortunately, due to the weather it could not be followed by a picnic.

Thanks to all for your friendly participation.








On Saturday 24 September

At the soccer stadium of Saint Germain des Prés (45, France)

22 two-players teams. Fantastic weather, BBQ and drinks.  A lovely ambiance, as well as a nice income too.

Thanks to all players, to Jean-Luc for assisting and to Patrick for organizing, not forgetting family members as well as friends who helped out with the BBQ and the refreshment stand…




Nos partenaires :

  • AFA - Association for Autism
  • Lone Buffalo
  • Nalee's Farm
  • Mediatheque de Chateau- Renard
  • Maxime (Clearstream)


    Maxime, 27 ans,  originaire de Verdun (Meuse, Lorraine) ; j'ai  effectué mes etudes au sein de l'ecole de commerce de Troyes.

    Je travaille depuis 5 ans chez Clearstream (initialement Luxembourg, puis dans la branche de Singapour) en tant qu'analyste crédit. Mon travail consiste a évaluer la santé financière des clients.

    J'ai découvert Sol'Asia en 2010, lors de mon stage de 6 mois au Vietnam à  travers Jeremy Odoux, l'un des membres de l'association soutenant les projets au Vietnam. J'ai longtemps voulu apporter mon soutien a l'association. Ce n'est qu'en 2016, depuis que je réside a Singapour, que j'y suis parvenu. Il s'agissait de mon premier projet humanitaire. Je souhaite soutenir Sol'Asia sur le long terme ainsi qu'obtenir le soutien régulier de mon entreprise.

    En savoir plus...
  • Clearstream Charity Commitee
  • Nadao
  • AEPV Agir ensemble
  • Clearstream charity commitee

    clearstream thankyou
    Dear Clearstream Charity Committee,
    You recently donated 1.600 euros to support our charity project.Sol’Asia would like to thank you for your generosity.
    Sol’Asia strives to help underprivileged children in South East Asia, in particular in Laos and Vietnam. Thanks to Clearstream  Charity Commitee, we were able to provide school materials, educational books and warm clothes to those in need of the Luang Prabang region, Laos. This project is particularly important to us as we believe that improving access to education is key to achieve long term benefits.
    Thanks to people like you, Sol’Asia helps more and more children every year. Once again, we warmly thank you for your support.
    Yours sincerely,

    Franck CAUSSIN  Président of Sol’Asia

    En savoir plus...



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